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Some tasty titbits to get you thinking…

Mentor Story and Planet Organic…..

Even though I now had the recipe consistently perfect, and at a “BRC accredited” level due to using the factory premises for production; I still had a huge barrier to surmount in my supply chain: [...]

It’s December…..

So with only 24 days to go until Christmas Day, it’s time to get prepared. Presents, food, booze, organising the relatives....the list is endless. If like me you have lots of family arriving expecting a [...]

Next, I had to find some shops to sell it to.

I made samples at home and took them around local delis, explaining that they were local and unique. The retailers were incredibly positive and wanted to place orders, we were off! The name “Moorish” popped [...]

November Update…..

So now all the fireworks and Toffee Apples have been and gone, Christmas is well and truly upon us. Only 5 weeks to go until the big day. Have you done your present shopping yet? [...]

From little acorns grow big oak trees…..

I remember sitting on my sofa at home, head in hands and wondering how on earth I could take my idea for smoked humous forward to make on a bigger scale to send to shops [...]

November already…..

Winter is now upon us and Christmas is only around the corner, where has this year gone??? I personally love this time of year, Bonfire night, Christmas shopping, family get togethers, lots of dinner parties, [...]

The Lighbulb moment…..

I’d spent a lot of time with my grandparents whilst growing up; my Grandad was a fantastic entrepreneur and my grandmother a passionate foodie who cooked every day in her own restaurant. These influences had [...]