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Farmer’s Market Recipe for Success

Turn Your Recipe Into Profit At Farmer’s Markets in 4 Easy Steps!

The Course

The unique “Farmer’s Market Recipe for Success” online course takes you through the Recipe for Success process in 4 modules. From the legalities of how to make a product for selling, to securing a stall at your local market even if it’s full, to the profit margin you should be aiming for and everything in between! See below for detail of what’s included in each module.


The course is stuffed with useful, practical, tried & tested information that really works, as I’m living proof!   The modules are delivered online for you to access anytime anywhere and to keep as a permanent reference.
Recipe to Retail Course

The Price for this course is just £19 ($29), which you should aim to make back within the first week of trading! Buy now to start turning your passion into profit today….